Liz Hardt is a quiet photo taker, cat lover, wife and adventurer living in Minneapolis, MN.

She grew up on a farm in Swea City, a rural town in northern Iowa. She first picked up a camera at age 16 that was her father's, a Honeywell Pentax, and somehow with a broken light meter the images turned out and she was transfixed. 

Her photographs are largely surrounded by the feeling of home and how it changes over time before anyone notices. She has documented spaces that make up small towns - grain elevators, quirky homes, and emptiness. 


Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant "A Makeshift Home"

"Best In Show", Passing Focus Portfolio Exhibition
The Art Institutes International Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

The Annual Undergraduate Show
Hopkins Center for the Arts, Hopkins, MN

Northrup King Building, Minneapolis, MN


(515) 320-2556